About Us


In a neighborhood overrun with ridiculously-priced hair salons, it’s refreshing to find an authentic, down-to-earth barber shop dedicated to regular guys… a shop that offers good service in a relaxed, informal atmosphere… a shop that takes a no-BS approach to your personal grooming. You’ll find these things every day at Anfa Barbers.

For History Buffs

Anfa is the ancient name of the modern city of Casablanca, Morocco. Founded in the 7th century BC, the original city was built on a high cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The city’s superior location serves as a perfect example of what we strive to deliver our customers every day at Anfa Barbers.


“Five weeks later the haircut held up and grew out very evenly, unlike when a lesser barber uses clippers to perform the entire haircut in 5 minutes.”

“Abdou treats me like I am his favorite customer. Truth is, he treats just about everyone that way. Not only does he give a good haircut but he is a pleasant guy to hang around, and honestly that’s part of the experience I look for when choosing a barber.”

“Nothing but good things to say about Anfa. If you’re looking for a $10 haircut, go to Great Cuts. Go to Anfa if you want a quality haircut every time at a fair price.”